The home of the DDC: Individual performances

If you want to choreograph a well conceived show, one must look beyond the usual. In order to be as broad and creative as possible, DDC works together with a fixed group of people who also qualify for creating every performance as an extraordinary experience. Our cooperation partners found themselves a creative home with the Dancefloor Destruction Crew, which is shaped by mutual inspirations. Due to this fact, we are able to meet everyone’s needs and expectations. We are happy to adjust our shows according to the wishes of our customers. Music, costumes, and production are also adjustable.

Felice Aguilar: Artistry on the turning table

The first place of the DDC family is Felice Aguilar, who is an equally strong and very passionate bodyartist. She is part of the DDC’s show productions on regular basis and enriches the shows with her graceful performance-elements: whether elegant artistry, artistry with vaudeville-elements or her unique performance on the turning table. Felice has won an award for her outstanding talent and performances at the international Circus Festival Young Stage in Basel in 2017.

Duo Alex & Felice: Full of emotions and artistry

As a duo, Alex & Felice create lots of tension and acrobatic dance emotions on stage. These talented and affectionate dancers create breathtaking highlights with their expressive mixture of expressionist dance, merging elegance and infectious rhythms. The Duo of Alex & Felice is a large enrichment for every DDC performance. Their emotions and charming choreographies enchants every spectator.


Our latest DDC Family members: Michi a big part of the DDC for several years together with Kira, who specially moved to Schweinfurt for the DDC and the duo. Multiple hours of training every day are paying off. Duo in Motion blends impressive acrobatic and break dance skills in their sensual dance.

The product: A spectacular and soulful show act which enchants

Popping Greg: Intoxicating humor and robot-moves

Gregory Strischewsky is an expert in Popping & Locking. Those breathtaking “mechanical” movements in robot-style form belong to the roots of Breakdance. Popping Greg shows his unique skills in form of solo acts in shows and performances of the DDC. Thereby, he is able to show and act out his biggest strength just perfectly: humor.

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