The history of DDC Breakdance

From the Dancefloor- Destruction – Crew to the label of DDC

The beginning of the history of DDC started in a Franconian town called Schweinfurt in 1999. A group of friends who were enthusiastic about Breakdancing, started to meet up at various places to realize their dream…..their dream to dance. Whether in public areas such as the park next to the theater in Schweinfurt or different gymnasiums around Schweinfurt: They took every opportunity to practice, to reach their goal to be successful.

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The guys quickly realised that this works better in a place where they can train regularly. They were happy that they found a place where this was possible in the Schweinfurt Jugendhaus. Here they danced for three years ... that is, until they got the termination.

Today, the DDC breakdancers are grateful for the termination, after all, they have it to thank for the unique name. Because they had allegedly destroyed the dance floor of the Jugendhaus, they had to look for a new place to stay. With them: The new name Dancefloor Destruction Crew.

The world is ready for Breakdance made in Schweinfurt

Since the Jugendhaus incident, the DDC practiced at the dance school Pelzer (Tanzschule Pelzer) in downtown Schweinfurt. There was fire and energy burning inside of them – the long path was predestined. The Crew finally has a home, a great foundation and lots of amazing ideas, which soon will lead to an unforgettable image. The ambition, outstanding dancing skills combined with elements of entertainment, event and show will soon be paid off. After a very short time period, event agencies, firms and organizations started booking their shows. All of whom got affected by the vitality of the dance crew. Therefore, the DDC quickly realized that they needed a professional management.

What was in demand and still is today is the ability of the DDC to adjust their distinctive performances and shows to the prevailing conditions and to customers’ requests.

With this goal in mind, every new creation of a show develops out of the exact same mindset.

The joy of dancing and the interaction with the audience are always on first place.  An extra portion of ambition and eagerness to experiment are also very important features of their performance. Just real DDC.

Let’s break the dance!

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The track record of a Breakdance Crew

No one is born a master. That saying also counts for the Breakdance Crew who is successful worldwide. They are travelling from event to event, fulfilling requests of many firms, companies and TV producers. In the following, you will see the track record of the DDC in a chronic order:


The first members of the DDC start dancing in Schweinfurt.


The boys get kicked out of their practice room because they destroyed the dance floor. That is the birth year of the Dancefloor Destruction Crew.


Dance school Pelzer as the new place to practice. The organization of the crew is restructured. The Breakdance scene in Schweinfurt gets bigger and bigger.


DDC represents Germany at the Worldgymnaestrada in Lisbon: an artistry festival of the world gymnastic union that takes place every four years – just like the Olympic Games.

First time taking part in the German championship


DDC wins the runner-up with just four dancers. With the help of two more dancers they won the world championship the same year.


Dance classes that were taught by adults are now taught by the second generation in order to encourage Breakdance talents.


RTL (German TV channel) catches the Crew’s attention though YouTube. DDC managed to get to the semi-finals of Germany’s TV show “Supertalent”.


DDC and its dancers gain in professionalism. They created the outline of their first show “Weg der Elemente” (The way of the elements) after being part in a music-video-festival. Soon after, they created a full evening’s program (90min).


„Weg der Elemente“ has its premiere in Schweinfurt. In addition, Würzburg (a town next to Schweinfurt) requested them to create a show for the „Mozartfest“ in Würzburg. In the same year, they won the German championship, the European championship and the world championship in Breakdance.


DDC performed “Breakin’ Mozart” together with Echo-award winner Christoph Hagel (conductor and opera director) for the first time on the 1st of June. They also reached the finals on the ProSieben (German TV channel) TV show “Got 2 Dance” and received the award of the Best Dance Act in Europe. The same year, they established DDC Entrainment GmbH Co. KG and formed a dual leadership in their management.


DDC performed about 100 Breakin‘ Mozart Shows in Berlin. In the meantime, they had more galas.


After the premiere show of the Lederhosen-Show (“Lederhosen” = Bavarian traditional costume) in Graz, the first show at Florian Silbereisen follows. This show was the beginning of producing their own music.

as of 14

DDC is a regular TV-guest at the Florian Silbereisen show and also presents their first TV show.


Opening of the Bavarian week at the EXPO in Milan.


Show in China at the International Circus Festival Wuqiao.


Show at the European’s most successful gymnastic showcase – Feuerwerk der Turnkunst (firework of gymnastics) with over 220.000 spectators.


Fuck You Wagner! as the cross-over-project to Breakin’ Mozart. Again, together with Echo-award winner Christoph Hagel. Meanwhile, first tour with Florian Silbereisen and other celebrities in Germany’s biggest stadiums – which also took place the following years.


2017 is the year of internationalization, which kind of already started in 2015. Besides performing on many TV shows, they also performed shows in the U.S., Canada, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, Italy and Greek.  


More than 10 dancers, who are all from Schweinfurt, are part of the DDC.


DDC goes CRZY: Production of their first own tour – The performance of this unique and extraordinary dance show begins in Germany in 2020.

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