Customer Integration

Light arrangement in your CI

Are you looking for a compatible look for your event? With our lights we can design the light arrangement suitable in your CI colors.

Company logo integration

To integrate your company logo is possible in many different ways. It can be projected on a LED screen (if present) but also other presentations are conceivable. Let’s get creative together! From audiofiles to video contents there are many possibilities how to integrate them in our shows. Just propose your ideas to us and we will find a way.

Product integration

In this case everything depends on your product. Not only is it possible to integrate your product physically in our performance but also we can represent a topic or characteristic for what your brand stands for. Brainstorm ideas with our creative team in an open conversation.

Integration of the audience

As an artist on stage it is all about the energy in the room. The Show is an experience that we share with the audience so it is in everybody's interest to connect with them directly. We already have various participating activities for the audience in our repertoire that always bring great fun and amusement. Let your guests or hosts be part of the show as well and create your individual and therefore unforgettable moments for your event!

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unforgettable moments
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Customer Integration

The connection of a show to a particular brand or a product is a common request of many customized but not always easy to implement. Therefore the DDC created four categories that you can choose of to integrate your company into the show individually.

breakdance-world champions
TV spectator
shows per year
years of experience