Special Effects

Mirrorball Headspin

“Headspin” means spinning on the head and belongs to the supreme discipline in breakdance. As human mirrorball this move is not only an artistic but also a visual highlight!

Discokugel Headspin

Fire Headspin

As an alternative version of the mirrorball headspin this is an actual firework! The dancer throws out sparks from his feet while spinning on his head! 

Feuer Headspin

Bengal firework - partnermove

In nearly every DDC Show this partnermove is the highlight at the end of the performance. The move is even more spectacular as one dancer is holding a bengal fire in his hand while turning on the other dancers head!

Bengalische Fackel - Kopfdrehen

Flying Musician (singer, drummer…)

Simple live music isn’t enough? No problem, we make our singer, drummer or violinist fly during his performance!

Flying Musician

Live Vocals & Instruments

The combination of professional live singing or live music together with spectacular artistry is rarely seen and is available exclusively in a variety of ways.

Live Gesang & Instrumente

LED Tubes / Light Design

The Scenery is everything! Due to our professional light setup and design every DDC show takes it’s full effect. The light effects are programmed on the music and all the technical equipment is provided and operated by ourselves. In our “Effect Show” this scenery is an inherent part of the show already but you can book the LED tubes light design in addition to all of the DDC shows.

LED Licht Design

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Upgrade DDC Shows

DDC shows are unique already. They combine first class entertainment with spectacular acrobatic and dance. Now the DDC developed some upgrades for their shows. With these add-ons the performances appear even more mind-blowing. 

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