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The great Schlagerfest with Florian Silbereisen

In 2020 we are on tour with Florian Silbereisen & Co for the fifth time in a row. We are the only artists who were allowed to be there so often and also at a stretch and have proven it again this year, why that is so. Generally the whole show has become bigger from the stage to the cast. With it were: Die Draufgänger, Christin Stark, Sonia Liebing, Giovanni Zarella, Ross Anthony, Jürgen Drews, Marianne Rosenberg, Matthias Reim, Thomas Anders and of course Florian Silbereisen. Unfortunately, the tour was interrupted by Corona and will hopefully be made up for in 2021.

Our way to Schlager

Since 2016, we as DDC are an integral part of the tour of and with Florian Silbereisen. Every year new show openings as well as individual show parts were developed. We got a free hand from producer Michael Jürgens and could reinvent ourselves every year. It all started in 2014, when we developed our show Breakdance in Lederhosen and performed it for the first time in Graz. The producer of the Feste shows saw us at that time at Servus TV and invited us directly four weeks later to the TV show "20 years Feste". Here we were able to inspire the whole team and audience at the dress rehearsal so much that we still received the request at night whether we want to go on tour in 2016. Actually, we wanted to become more successful internationally with our Lederhosen show, but first landed in the Schlager world. But fortunately, we had numerous TV shows and just since 2016 every year a big tour. We were allowed to perform with and next to stars, such as Helene Fischer, Andreas Gabalier, Venassa Mai, DJ Ötzi, Ross Anthony, Klubbb3, Mathias Reim, Ben Zucker, Michelle, Jürgen Drews and many more.

Tour Trailer 2018

Tour Trailer 2017

Tour Trailer 2016

Our daily schedule on Tour

How is it to be on tour, how does such a day look like? We start once early in the hotel, here there are already different types. There are those who get up early and always go to breakfast and those who always sleep until shortly before departure. And sometimes there is a third type, the hungover one, who usually makes it to breakfast but only drinks coffee and eats something small. The departure to the next location depends on the distance and how nice the hotels are. Sometimes you leave at 2 p.m. and go straight to the next venue, or you leave at 10/11 and go to the next hotel, depending on whether you have time to go into town (shopping, eating or just drinking coffee), continue sleeping, go to the spa or do some office work. 


We usually arrive at the hall 2.5 hours before the show starts, and then we first go to the catering for the much sought-after coffee machine. Or there is already soup or bread rolls to eat. Also very popular is the juicer! One part checks the stage if everything fits, because the size of the stage changes depending on the hall and we have to check the positions of the tires. Then 2h before the show starts there is the real food freshly prepared by our tour chef every day. There are always several things to choose from. But before the show we are not allowed to eat too much, otherwise it is heavy in the stomach, so we always prepare something for after the show, which we can then reheat in the microwave. Sometimes, however, it tastes so good that we already eat it before the show. And don't forget dessert, the only reason Raphi goes on tour with us. After the meal there is a rest period, everyone chills, sometimes a power nap even partly with meditation music and then an hour before the show it starts, the music becomes groovy and you start to warm up and push yourself up. It's always a party before the show and often other artists join in. About 10 minutes before the show we put on our first outfit and go backstage. There we still have to plug in the "chips" so that the lamps locate us on stage via GPS tracking, really new technology. So everyone is in the light even if he is 2m further to the left. Of course, there is still the DDC battle cry and then you can already hear the countdown and we step on stage and see the first time the arena with the thousands of people in front of us. 

After the first number we have to change, have the second show block pretty promptly and then only again for the break finale. In the second half comes then directly after Marianne Rosenberg our Lederhosen show, at which the spectators always totally freak out and in the finale there is again a "Tripple" headspin from the DDC. After the show we change again and of course our song "Feierabend" by Großstadtgeflüster. The technicians already dismantle everything, the whole technique is loaded and brought directly further into the next city to be built up again in the early morning. The guys and girls are incredible and do a great job. Meanwhile we sit in the catering and eat our returned meal and then it goes back to the hotel. Here there are different scenarios. From directly to the room, to a beer in the bar to several beers, gin and tonics and possibly a club. Marcel, for example, was every evening in the bar. And then the next morning everything starts all over again. And of course there are always lots of funny, crazy things happening, and there are also off days when we do things together in the city.

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Tour Opening 2018

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Show Act "Klassik" 2018

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