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Die verrückteste Tanzshow der Welt


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from 5 to 105 minutes + encore

CRZY is the new urban dance show that breaks all boundaries. Whether it’s somersaults, spinning on the head, crazy contortions or flying, there are no limitations for the ensemble of this show. The international successful dancers, acrobats and entertainer of the DDC already had the privilege of showing their skills across the world in front of huge audience  and famous spectators such as the former president of the United States Barack Obama. What DDC stands for are unique showproductions, enthralling choreographies, spectacular artistic skills and combined with dance which they demonstrate impressively in the new show “DDC goes CRZY”. All this they unite with a subtle stage setting, uncommon props, modern video content and high technology. Interconnected in a captivating piece of work this show not only fascinates through it’s artsitc quality. It is an evening so full of entertainment and honesty that it brings a lot of joy while watching. The musical diversity is arranged as well. Professional singer and rapper spellbound the audience with their extraordinary voices and lyrics in various genres. This show redefines dance and entertainment in a completely new way.


Single Parts as showact for your event!
Due to the new show there is a whole new repertoire of special show elements that is adaptable for your event. Whether it is the Boygroup-Medley, the LaLa-Land musical interpretation, the office scene, or interactive solo’s with LED screen, the possibilities are multifarious. 


Particular wishes and adaptations are possible upon request.

DDC goes CRZY - Trailer | DDC Breakdance

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