Breakdance meets Klassik


The young show classic is a real trademark. Under this theme the crew created several show programms and presented them on stages all over the world.


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Petersburg’s Sleigh ride
3 – 5 Min. + encore

This performance was built for the ARD-Saturday show „Die Adventsshow der 100.000 Lichter“(The advent show of the 100.000 lights). They performed the Petersburg’s Sleigh ride together with world start André Rieu in front of an audience of millions. The short version of this show further developed into an entertaining gala show, which was performed all around Germany on the tour “Das große Schlagerfest“ (the greatest folk music festival) with Florian Silbereisen in 2018.

Particular wishes and adaptations are possible upon request.

Breakdance meets Classic - Petersburger Schlittenfahrt

Let It Go
4 Min. + encore

Music that gives you chills as well as acrobatics and dancing give “Breakdance meets Classic” a very special vibe. It creates a solemn atmosphere and creates tension throughout the whole show. The music being used establishes from a modern, orchestra version of the famous hit “Let it go” by the Piano Guys. The new show is shortly being performed on a tour with the famous gymnastic show “Feuerwerk der Turnkunst” (firework of gymnastics) in January 2016 after a successful premier in Munich, September 2015. “Breakdance meets
Classic” celebrated their first performance in front of an audience of six million people on the ARD TV show „Das große Fest der Besten – mit Florian Silbereisen“.

Particular wishes and adaptations are possible upon request

Breakdance meets Classic - Let it go - Feuerwerk der Turnkunst

10 – 40 Min.

DDC created a 40-minute Classic-Show for the cruise MS Europa 2 on behalf of Hapaq Loyd: a medley of Mozart’s and Vivaldi’s famous hits right up to modern tracks in orchestral version. The result is a show with many emotions and breathtaking acrobatics.

Particular wishes and adaptations are possible upon request.

Breakdance meets Classic als Abendshow

Breakin' Mozart
Dinner I Evening
15 – 80 Min

This never happened before: A combination of Mozart and Breakdance. DDC took on this challenge together with Echo-award winner Christoph Hagel. They combined this art piece with the music of the “Wiener Wunderkindes” (wonder child of Vienna) in a unique way. Mozart doing Headspins, Windmills, acrobatics, Breakdance and minuets! The music is played live on the piano in orchestra versions and modern Hip Hop editing. Booming techno beats as well as funky Mozart and rocking Amadeus are also not missing out. The famous coloratura aria of the queen of the night from the “Zauberflöte” (The Magic Flute) are live performed together with a firework of Breakdance. The dancers of the DDC are not only brilliant dancers but also stunning comedians.

Particular wishes and adaptations are possible upon request.

Trailer Breakin' Mozart

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